How Stacking Coupons Helps You Save Even More

If you have read our previous articles you have seen the term stacking coupons all over the place. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term don’t worry you aren’t alone. Stacking refers to combining a coupon with either a store coupon or a store sale.  Stacking coupons actually has two different sides. One side is the act of stacking a coupon with a sale or promotion. The other side of stacking refers to using both a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon on a single item.

Stacking CouponsThe first step to stacking coupons is to finding store coupons. Make sure you pull out all of the tricks for this. Check your ad circulars, your email and in the stores themselves. Stores like Rite Aid you can find in-ad store coupon directly in the store! So definitely be sure to check each circular you can get your hands on. The next step is to check all of your Sunday newspaper, magazines, blinkies and catalinas for manufacturer coupons. You can also checkout websites that allow you print manufacturer coupons like, and On these sites you can even print some of the coupons twice for even more savings!

Make sure to look up your favorite stores coupon policies to be positive that they allow you to stack coupons. Most stores do allow it, but in the rare occurrence that they don’t can save you time and frustration. It is also important to look because some stores such as Rite Aid will allow you to stack up to 3 coupons, while stores like Giant Eagle and Whole Food will not allow you to stack at all.

Stacking Coupons doesn’t only have to be in store, you can also stack online! When finding coupon codes online you can save big when stores allow you to combine a free shipping coupon with another coupon. If you are unfamiliar with a couponing term whether you saw it on this site or another you can always look up its meaning at RewardIt’s Coupon Dictionary.

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