Saving with Red Lobster Coupons

Have you been craving the delicious fresh seafood from Red Lobster, but don’t want to pay full price? Don’t worry that’s why we are here, to help you save on the mouth watering lobster, shrimp, scallops, pasta and more! And did you know that Red Lobster can actually be a healthy alternative compared to other fast food chains such as Outback Steakhouse, Applebee’s and Chili’s.


Especially during all of the nice weather over the summer, everyone wants to look good in a bathing suite, but nobody wants to sacrifice great food for healthy food. At Red Lobster there is no sacrifice, at Red Lobster you can eat smart by balancing your diet with seafood that contains a lot of protein, while being low in fat. Red Lobster’s seafood also contains Omega-3s, which protect you, form heart disease, make blood less likely to clot, prevent heartbeat abnormalities and lowers the high level of triglycerides (a fat in blood that increases the risk of heart attacks).


Before even having to use a Red Lobster coupon, Red Lobster offers specials on their menu. Right now they are advertising a four-course seafood feast for only $14.99. For a limited time you can choose from 7 different entrees including jumbo coconut and pineapple-grilled shrimp with unlimited cheddar bay biscuits.


A great way to get valuable coupons directly from Red Lobster by joining their free Fresh Catch Club. When becoming a member you get privileged with alerts about special Red Lobster events, a birthday gift, as well as a printable Red Lobster Coupon. From time to time Red Lobster will send you personalized coupons with your very own name on it as well.


If you are on Facebook make sure to ‘LIKE’ Red Lobster for special Facebook fan coupons. They are randomly posted on their page. Recently Red Lobster gave out a $5 off dinner coupon, so always keep an eye out for these coupons!

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  1. Anesthasia Basco says:

    Chicken I love chicken, always get chicken strips or something along the lines of it.

  2. I absolutely love catfish!

  3. Red Lobster for that seafood lover in you!

  4. I love jumbo shrimp.

  5. Textured vegetable protein.

  6. Sarah-Paige Copeland says:

    A nicely done salmon is the perfect meal for me :)

  7. When I can I would eat Lobster but most of the time I eat shrimp.

  8. Tina Northburg-Oseland says:

    Love scallop's and shrimp :o).

  9. Lida Bureau says:

    oysters and salmon YUMMY.

  10. Steak

  11. I love fried shrimp

  12. Mmmm…prime rib!

  13. Fried Calamari is the best!

  14. Lobster and more lobster!

  15. Lobster and more lobster!

  16. I love baked/grilled Tilapia best fish ever!

  17. Colleen Boudreau says:


  18. I love shrimp.

  19. Trisha Blair says:

    No seafood for me but I do like to order chicken breast.

  20. raw oystersss

  21. I love steak!

  22. Kelly McGrath Elswick says:


  23. Joanne P Quarz says:

    I love salmon.

  24. David Lintz says:

    I like to get a good porterhouse steak.

  25. I love grouper

  26. My favorite seafood is tuna, meat is ribeye.

  27. Anne Mostella says:

    Crab legs, definitely!

  28. Stake! a good Stake! yummy!

  29. I love grilled shrimp!

  30. deffinatelt lobster :)

  31. Tim Lintz says:

    KFC fried chicken. I have low-budget taste.

  32. Steamed and Spiced Shrimp! YUMMY!

  33. Bruce Teel says:


  34. Love me some lobster & shrimp.

  35. Debra Broderick says:


  36. oh yea

  37. Andy Knox says:

    scallops on a steak.

  38. I love fried calamari, shrimp and sweet crabs.

  39. Koupon Kat says:

    Fried shrimp

  40. Jeevon Kay says:

    Well, I'm from Texas so it has to be crawfish!

  41. I'm vegetarian, but I love veggie meat-style products. I'd say my favorite is veggie orange chicken by Gardein. It's so good!

  42. love octopus!

  43. I love shrimp!!!

  44. Tom McMahon says:


  45. Scallops

  46. Scallops

  47. Scallops

  48. Michael Bryant says:

    Robster Craws! :)

  49. Fried clams are my fav!

  50. I always order Red Lobsters Admiral's feast, way more than I can eat, so I take home the leftovers.

  51. Amy Richard says:

    I like me some surf and turf… but usually chicken instead of steak haha.

  52. Jill Hayes says:

    Love Rib Eye steak and of course Lobster Tail!

  53. Jill Hayes says:

    Love Rib Eye steak and of course Lobster Tail!

  54. Steamers! We always have them when we go out to eat.

  55. Nicholas Sagginario says:

    Raw clams and Salmon!

  56. Penny Minor says:

    I'm a any veggie except a radish sounds good to me.

  57. DM Moon says:

    Shrimp! Popcorn, beer batter, fired, peel n eat…anyway I can get it!

  58. I love eating lobster, but I usually eat shrimp when I go out just to keep the cost down a little bit.

  59. Lawrence Gross says:

    I love fried Calamari!

  60. Brad Vitale says:

    wow what a great article I'm taking my mother there for her bday tonight!

  61. Brad Ley says:

    wow what a great article I'm taking my mother there for her bday tonight!