Saving Money With Coupon Codes!

Picture this: you bought something online, let’s say, a dress, and you’re totally excited about your purchase. Maybe you even post about it on Facebook. And then your friend comments that she just bought that dress with an awesome 20% off or 30% off or 50% coupon code!You just spent more of your hard earned cash than you needed to, and it would have been so easy to just find a coupon code!

What Are Coupon Codes?

Coupon codes (sometimes called “promo codes” or “promotional codes”) are similar to regular coupons that you would clip, in that they entitle you to some sort of discount.  Sometimes it’s a certain amount of money off the price, sometimes it’s a percentage off and sometimes it’s a buy one/ get one free offer or even a free item or a sample.  Like regular coupons, there’s usually an expiration date, and usually you can only use them once.  They may have other limitations as well, such as a requirement that you purchase certain items or spend a certain amount.  Because you’re shopping online, rather than at a physical store, the way you present your coupon to the store is by entering a special coupon code when you’re checking out.  Read on for a little explanation of how to do just that.

How To Use Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are so easy to find and even easier to use. To use a coupon code, you just highlight it with your mouse, copy the text (go to edit–>copy in your browser). (Note: for some coupon codes, you can just click on them and it will automatically be copied and ready to paste. Check the instructions for the site you’re on.) Then, when you’re going through the checkout process and making an online purchase, paste the promo code (go back to edit –> paste in your browser). It may sound a little complicated, but using coupon codes is really easy and saves you money! It is so worth it.

Where To Find Them

Emails From Your Favorite Online Stores — If you love to shop at a certain store, signing up for their newsletter is a good bet. That way, you’ll always know about special offers, flash sales, etc. Then you can just cut and paste the coupon codes directly from those emails and use them to save money on your favorite stuff.

Sites Devoted To Coupon Codes

There are some great sites that I always check whenever I’m looking for coupon codes.  Here are few to get you started!

  • — This is always the first place I check, especially when shopping for clothes.
  • — This is another really comprehensive site, and it even includes coupon codes for free stuff!
  • – It’s a little less pretty to look at, but the great thing is that they really focus on coupon codes, and don’t just post generic deals from stores.
  • — Look here for coupon codes for everything from groceries to computer to clothes. Plus, there’s a really active community here that votes on what deals are really worth your time.
  • CouponCowgirl — This site has a really fun vibe and includes a calculator that you can use to compare deals and make sure you’re getting the best one.

So the next time you shop online, be sure to find some coupon codes and you’ll be racking up the savings!

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