Saving Money on Arts and Crafts With Michaels Coupons

With over 1000 locations throughout 49 states in America and even in Canada, Michaels is the king of arts and crafts retail stores. Founded in 1976, every Saving Money with Michaels Crafts CouponMichaels now averages 40,000 products in their 18,200 square feet stores. Whether you are a kindergarten teacher looking for crafts for your students or a college senior looking for supplies to make a scrapbook of college memories Michaels will have what you’re looking for. With so many products to choose from it is time to start finding how where to find the best Michaels coupons.


Did you miss the Michaels weekly ad this week in the mail or just not get it? Don’t worry Michaels runs a weekly ad right online! You will be able to find great Michaels coupons like 50% off any one regular priced item or 25% off kids items. On Michaels’ weekly ad site you can even sign up for mobile text alerts and receive special offers directly to your cell phone.


If you can’t get enough Michaels coupons on your phone for all you smart phone owners you can now download the Michaels app. On the Michaels app you can find, “Endless Creativity. Endless Savings. And get your coupons on the go.” This app will make it easier to save for when you need to take those unplanned spontaneous trips to Michaels for that one thing you wanted. On the app you will also be able to locate stores, find Michaels events and access projects, products and videos as you shop.


Other places online to find Michaels coupons include DealsPL. DealsPL is a great website to find Michaels printable coupons. Just make sure to check the expiration date before using them. They currently have coupons for 30% off your entire order of custom invites. Use this coupon for your wedding invitations or any special event coming up!


Michaels also offers a reward program. Michaels Rewards has exclusive benefits for your own unique inspiration. Michaels Rewards membership is free and comes with many great benefits including: 20% off your entire purchase as a special welcome offer, special discounts on products for members only, 20% off your entire purchase as a birthday gift, a dedicated customer relations phone line and an addition 5% off custom framing promotions. Michaels Rewards cards will automatically load surprises and coupons to your card, so before your next shopping trip to Michaels make sure to sign up for their reward program first!

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  1. I found another site which offers coupons for Michaels updated daily

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  6. love to go to Hawaii.

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  8. $25 at Family Dollar.

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  16. Cathy Glenn Hensley says:

    Save over fifty dollars on my granddaughters birthday.

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  24. I usually only save around $10 but every little bit helps!

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  32. at the grocery store they have a double coupon day, most saved $50.00.

  33. The most I have ever saved was $15.

  34. Saved $8.00 on a coupon someone left behind at a restaurant as a tip the waitress didn't want to bother with.

  35. $10.00

  36. I do not remember a specific amount. Best are the free product coupns where you save 100% of an item.

  37. Seiko Tooley says:

    I have been able to get some products free with coupons. Not quite sure on how much is the most I have saved with a coupon, maybe $5.00 :)

  38. the most I have ever saved is $30.

  39. around $10

  40. Joanne P Quarz says:

    $10.00 once.

  41. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    $10 off

  42. The most I saved with a coupon is 3.00.

  43. Gina Stevens says:

    Three dollars

  44. I've probably saved $50-60 bucks with a coupon before.

  45. Dollar General, $10.00 I think it was.

  46. $25.00

  47. $15.99 FREE product coupon.

  48. I had a 20% off coupon for Big Lots and saved $64.00.

  49. Mark Colacioppo says:

    $50 off a weekly Hertz car rental.

  50. normal everyday item between 5 and 20 (free). But big ticket item like a tv I think maybe 200 or 400.

  51. Richard Dinwiddie says:

    about $25 with 50% off coupon.

  52. I've saved $10.

  53. $10

  54. 25 $ with a 50% coupon.

  55. Glenda Dezarn says:

    I've only saved $10.00 one time, other than that it has been 40%.

  56. Chuck Bolster says:

    $10 dollars off at dollar general.

  57. I have many products practically free. Highest dollar amount though, probably around $9.

  58. Jenni Dubbs says:

    close to 50% off.

  59. $10 Off at Shaw's Supermarke!

  60. Tamara Budd says:

    $18 off an oil change.

  61. Craig Brown says:

    If you don't count rebates, probably around $5.00 or so.

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