How To Save Money With Rite Aid Coupons

Are you aware about the possible savings that Rite Aid has for you? Not only can you save with Rite Aid coupons, but you can combine them with manufacturer coupons and Rite Aid’s reward program. With over 4,900 stores in over 30 states Rite Aid is the third largest national drugstore in the nation. Once you conquer the art of shopping at Rite Aid you will see the money piling up in your wallet!

Rite Aid Coupons

All About Rite Aid Coupons

Between their coupon offers and their reward program, Rite Aid has become my favorite store to save at. They truly help their customers save, if you don’t believe me you will just have to go see for yourself! If you aren’t a member of Rite Aid’s Wellness+ card reward program you are truly missing out.


Once becoming a member you will receive your very own Wellness+ card. If you are the kind of person who always seems to forget to carry around your reward program cards don’t worry you’re not alone I always forget and this is why I love Rite Aid because you can have the cashier easily look up your card by giving them your phone number. With your Wellness+ card you become eligible to receive special savings and you also qualify yourself to receive +Up Rewards. You also save a 10% always on Rite Aid brand products.


+Up Rewards

Once you have started using your Wellness+ card you will earn +Up Rewards. These are personalized coupons that will print directly on the bottom of your receipt. These coupons are valid for future purchases. I have personally received $2 off of Pepsi products because I will buy so many bottles of soda. If you search for the +Up Reward deals when browsing through the Rite Aid sales circular. To get one of these deals just buy the participating item with your Wellness+ card and you should see your +Up Rewards coupon on the bottom of the receipt.

In-Ad Coupons

Another great way to get Rite Aid coupons is right in their weekly sales circulars. Rite Aid’s sales normally run from Sunday to Saturday except in Southern California where Rite Aid’s sales run Friday to Thursday. You can find these circulars containing in-ad store coupons located in the front of the store.

Video Values

Rite Aid also offers additional coupons different from any other store. With Rite Aid Video Values you can watch short commercials that are anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes long and after watching the ad you receive a coupon for the product. The coupon will be added to your rewards account and can be used at anytime within the next one to two months (depending on the coupon). Although these are sometimes labeled as manufacturer coupons they are actually store coupons. Make sure to only print and redeem these coupons once, it is strictly prohibited by Rite Aid’s coupon policy to print them multiple times.

Stacking Coupons

According to their coupon policy Rite Aid allows you to use multiple coupons on an item. As long as that total of the coupons is either equal or less than the price of the product, so unfortunately you can’t make money from Rite Aid coupons. You can use up to 3 coupons on one item: a Rite Aid valuable coupon, a Rite Aid manufacturer coupon and a manufacturer coupon. They do limit customers to only use up to four identical coupons in one purchase.


Rite Aid Rebates

Rite Aid offers great rebates and the best part about them is that you don’t even have to clip, lick or stamp! It is as easy as finding the rebates online on their site, enter your receipt information and plainly request your rebate. Just create your account with Rite Aid and look out for what items you can receive rebates on! Some rebates might have limits to lookout for though, typically one or two per account.

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