Save Even More By Printing Coupons Twice

Did you know many of your favorite coupon websites allow up to two printouts for each coupon on every computer? That’s correct folks, even the popular websites such as, and allow you to do this for a majority of their coupons. It’s as simple as clicking the back button and clicking print again. Some of you might even catch deja vu when going back to the original page to print the second coupon.

How It Works

Remember it is illegal to make copies of coupons. When visiting one of the previously mentioned sites, as well as and coupons from Facebook pages they will give you a new unique code or pin number in it, making it a totally new coupon. If you print a coupon multiple times with printer settings, it will just make copies of the same coupon, which is considered fraud.


Other Ways To Print Multiple Coupons

Another way around printing illegal coupons is to use all of the computers available to print them. If you are fortunate enough to have multiple computers in your home you can you each different computer to print coupons. By using this method you will be even able to print multiples of coupons legally on sites like that have a one print per coupon limit. If you don’t have access to multiple computers at home try printing them at work or at your public library.

Don’t get nervous to try printing out a coupon a month after you have already printed it. Most coupons will reset each month so that they can be printed again for the future. It’s not the end of the world if you can only print one coupon, remember one is better than none!

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