About Retail Coupons

The word retail means the sale of goods to the public. It refers to selling goods directly to consumers, as opposed to selling to other resellers. For over 30 years, coupons have been a way for companies to promote their goods and services. Several years ago, coupons began to fall out of common use. However, the struggling economy and the vast availability of printable coupons online have combined to create a resurgence in these valuable, money-saving retail coupons.

Who Uses Coupons?

In fact, about 80-percent of consumers report using coupons, and extreme coupon gurus on the Internet are teaching consumers, primarily women and mothers, how to save money using printable retail coupons from the Internet. Places like RewardIt.com are continually offering different coupons on items such as food, drinks, toys, clothing and even restaurant menu selections.

How Coupons Work

Since couponing remains so popular, many stores offer double coupon redemption, or special days during the week when coupons can be redeemed for twice their value. For consumers, using a coupon is just like using cash. The coupon is redeemed for face value (or double), just as if the customer handed the cashier that amount in cash. Stores then mail the coupon in to the product manufacturer, who sends the store that amount of money. Usually, manufacturers also send the store a small amount for processing the coupon, as well.

Online Coupons

Retail coupons online work exactly the same way as coupons clipped from the newspaper or out of a magazine. In cases where no physical transaction takes place, such as online purchases, a code is printed on the coupon that the customer can enter in at the time of payment. The amount of the coupon is then deducted from the customer’s payment.

Restaurant Coupons

Restaurant deals work slightly differently, since there is no manufacturer to redeem the money from the coupon. The chain restaurant’s headquarters may redeem money to owners of individual franchises. Restaurants that are independently owned offer coupons because even though they will receive less money for each purchase, issuing coupons usually brings enough new business in to justify the reduction in profits.

Coupons for Services

Coupons for services, such as money off housecleaning, pest control or automotive maintenance, work like coupons issued by independent restaurants. Though the company takes in a little less money per customer, they normally see many more customers as a result of offering the coupon savings. This means the company actually earns more money, even though each customer pays less.

Why Use Coupons?

Continuing to use coupons, whether printing online coupons or clipping them from newspapers, is a great way to make sure that this valuable money-saving tool remains an option for everyone.