Coupon Tips From Octomoms

You don’t have to be a mother of eight, like Kate Gosselin and Nadya Suleman to save big with coupons. You also don’t have be a celebrity mom of eight to make it happen either. Average moms across the country, and really anybody who is looking to cut their grocery bill, can use couponing and some simple grocery shopping strategies to drastically reduce their grocery bills.

Get Organized

Kate Gosselin

First, only clip coupons for the items you and your family normally buy and use. It doesn’t do you any good to clip coupons for products you never intend on buying. You also shouldn’t buy items only because you have a coupon, if you never intend on using the product. Using your coupons, make a list of the items you need before you go to the store.

According to Kate Gosselin, organization is the key to efficient couponing. Clipping coupons is useless unless you actually put them to use. Kate has developed her own system for organizing her coupons for the most effective savings plan.

  • Kate carries an alphabetized coupon file in her purse. She carries it with her at all times. Not only does she slide her coupons according to the product, but she also files her store savings cards in the file for easy access when shopping.
  • Kate uses her iPhone for scheduling. When she schedules shopping trips or makes a list, she makes a note next to the stores or items that she has a coupon for, so that she doesn’t forget to use it during checkout.
  • When Kate sees a shopping trip on her daily schedule, she goes online to sites, such as to check for any coupons she can print and take with her. She says she recently saved $55 at Old Navy because she printed off a coupon before she left the house.

Combine Store and Manufacturer Coupons

Clipping Coupons

The first part of couponing you should learn from these celebrity moms of eight each is to maximize your coupon savings. The best way to do this is to combine store coupons with manufacturer coupons. Because the coupons come from two different sources, grocery stores and food retailers allow you to use the two different coupons to reduce the cost of the same item.

In some cases, you might even be able to buy the product for free after the two coupons are deducted. Other ways to maximize your coupon savings is to shop at stores that double the savings of the coupon. Moms, such as Kate and Nadya, say that if you combine coupon doubling with those items that are on sale, you increase your savings incrementally.

As one real-life example, toothpaste is on sale for $1.00 per tube. The mom has a 75 cent off coupon. Each tube ends up costing only 25 cents each. Practices such as these turn a basket full of groceries totaling $80 down to a cost of less than $25. This is huge savings on the individual trip to the grocery store. Additionally, savings on the grocery store trips throughout the year add up to thousands of dollars in savings over the course of the year.

Coupon Exchange

Coupon Exchange

Establish another way to obtain the coupons you need by creating a coupon exchange with your friends, family members and co-workers. After you cut out your coupons from the Sunday paper or the store circulars, trade your papers with someone else after they have cut their own coupons. Provided they haven’t already clipped a coupon you need, you have full access to another whole set of coupons.

Look to other sources such as online coupon sites as well. Numerous online websites offer the option to find and print coupons off on your home computer. Be sure to print a coupon for each item you intend on purchasing. Some sites allow you to print more than one coupon per product, so if you’re going to buy five cans of soup then you can use a store and a manufacturer coupon for each can you buy.

If you and the members of your “coupon exchange group” use online coupons, print all of the coupons that are available. Clip the coupons you need and pass the pages of leftover coupons on to the next member, as they hand you a new pile of coupons to review.

Couponing is not only for octomoms like Kate Gosselin and Nadya Suleman. Anyone can save big using coupons and learning how to shop smart. The bottom line that using the right combination of coupons, shopping sales and stocking up on these items, the Kates and Nadyas of the world save thousands of dollars on groceries every year. This is thousands of dollars that can definitely be spent on other family necessities—be it small families or big families.

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