Mark Your Calendar For Those Rebate Dates!

Although some require effort, rebates are a great sales promotion you should take advantage of to help you save money or even get free stuff. I feel that every time I’m talking to someone about rebates the conversation leads to “are rebates even worth it?” And each time I respond saying YES! So if you are one of those people who find yourself being lazy make sure to check out my previous article convincing you to reward yourself with these rebates!

Rebates CalendarGet Organized

Now that you are convinced to use your rebates be sure to keep track of your deadlines, submissions, postmark dates and when it was received. To keep track of all rebates you will need to use a calendar. For computer lovers the best way to track your rebates are electronically. You can enter all of your important dates and set up reminders to never forget deadlines.

For the more traditional people, keep a calendar at a convenient location for you to hand write all of the crucial dates. And for the extreme couponers a great spot to keep a calendar is right in your coupon binder. This way all of your coupon and rebate information are together and separated from the rest of your busy life.

Once you have picked out which method is best for you to keep yourself organized you’re ready to mark down your essential information. The dates you should mark down include: the purchase date, the postmark date and the received date.

The purchase date is so you don’t forget when you actually bought the product, because some rebates require you to purchase an item at a specific time. The postmark date because for the rebate to be valid the time stamp on the envelope must be on or before the date on the rebate form. Always make sure to give yourself ample time to send the rebate out in case of a mix up or anything at the post office. You want to make sure your rebate arrives on time. Also mark down the date you mailed it, if it differs from the postmark date.

The most important date to mark down is the receive by date. By law, the company must pay back the customer within the time period listed on the official rebate form. The usual time is within 6-8 weeks. Mark down the last possible date that you are supposed to receive your rebate by and if you haven’t received it yet, contact the company.

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