5 School Supplies You Can Never Have Enough Of

With the start of a new school year it means parents must begin the back-to-school shopping process. Most people know that kids will go through their school supplies at a lightening pace and they will need to buy more items throughout the year. The following five school supplies are definitely worth worth stocking up on from the start. A good idea is to set up a storage shelf in your home to accommodate bulk purchases.

Crayons and Colored Pencils

Crayon and Colored Pencil Savings

Depending on the age of the child, most youngsters must have these items for school. Crayons are fairly inexpensive, but can turn into nubs even more quickly if your child happens to push down really hard on their crayons. The same goes for colored pencils. And with so many school projects, it’s no wonder that children need to replenish this supply so often. Look for larger packs of crayons and colored pencils instead of buying packs of just 8 colors. Buy a small pencil sharpener that won’t take as much off at a time as the covered in-school sharpeners to help colored pencils last longer.



Notebook Coupons

Can you remember a day of not needing a notebook for class? These items tend to follow people from grade school until college. Notebooks are meant for jotting down notes, serving as journals in creative writing class, and commonly used for homework assignments. Often more than one size or type of notebook is needed to accomodate different teachers. Sometimes the color as well as the size is specified. Check the teachers’ requirements, and look for notebooks in packs of 5 or more. If your child tends to be rough with their notebooks, you may want to ask if you can substitute consider a durable, hard plastic cover notebook for the traditional paper-covered ones.



Save on Pens

Most kids from third grade on must have pens to use at school. In addition to blue and black ink pens, teachers often ask for red ink pens for correcting. The red pens serve the purpose of helping the child go over their own mistakes and many teachers have students correct each others’ work. Often pens come in large packs. Make sure to buy half as many red pens as black or blue as red ones aren’t used as often. It doesn’t help that their child lends pens daily to other or loses them on the school bus for some odd reason, and buying a large quantity from the beginning will cut down on trips to the store and paying higher prices later in the year.



Highlighter Savings

We all know that while studying, it is important to take away the most important part of a chapter or lesson. Highlighters play a huge role in this. And while not all scools allow students to highlight in their textbooks, it’s a good practice to further condense class notes through highlighting. Getting your child into the practice of highlighting important points – if they aren’t already – is a great habit to delevop to ready them for high school and college. Highlighters often come in large quantity packs as well as a variety of colors. Make sure you buy enough at once to keep your child stocked for the entire school year.


Erasers and Pencils

Coupons for Pencils and Erasers Up until about the 3rd grade, students are only allowed to use pencils. Even after that, teachers often ask students to write first drafts, or work on other projects in pencil. And don’t forget standardized tests where #2 pencils are a must! It’s easy to overlook the necessity of pencils as an adult, but for those still in school, you can never have enough pencils. It’s also a good idea to invest in a large amount of erasers. It’s often the case that the actual writing part of a pencil lasts longer than the eraser. Few teachers will accept work that is full of scratched-out mistakes. If you purchase enough of both pencils and erasers, you can help keep your child from getting marked down for too many crossed-out words on a paper.


And Ones You Can Live Without

After the summertime, it’s easy to forget what school supplies you still have on hand. Make sure that you go through the house to round up any that may be leftover from last year. It’s not likely that your child will need more than one compass, protractor or calculator. You should check out what your already have at home so there isn’t a need to buy duplicates of items. You should also make sure that you are carefully following the list of needed school supplies that your child brings home. You don’t want to waste money on items that your child is not allowed to have in class, or by having to re-buy items due to already having purchased the wrong color or size.

Beyond looking through last years school supplies at home to see what is salvagable, parents can also group together with other to buy bulk orders and save money. And don’t forget all the savings from using online coupons. Search for office supply coupons as well as school supply coupons, as many items you need can fall into both categories.