The Hidden Key To Couponing: Timing

Once you’ve read my post on how to start organizing coupons you’re ready to take full advantage of your coupons and maximize your savings. The next step in the couponing process is all about the timing of using your coupons. You’ll see sometimes you’ll make the trip all the way to the grocery store only then to realize that even with your coupon that the store-brand item can still cost less then the desired name-brand. To triumph in your coupon journeys it isn’t always about having the best coupon or the amount of coupons you have, but the timing of when you use them.

Matching Coupons

One major dealmaker or breaker for your coupons is the ability to match them with existing sales promotions. To only use your coupon because you have it or because it’s there can be a huge blunder. If you are able to hold out on using your coupon until there is a promotion at the store or there’s a sale on the desired item. Almost every store will host a BOGO or buy one get one free, a rebate, a buy 10 for $10 or other similar great promotions. As soon as you see an item that you want going through one of these sales or promotion, jump on it!

Stacking Coupons

Another great strategy for using your coupons is stacking your coupons. Stacking your coupons is just an expression for combining one of your store coupons and one manufacturer coupon to receive the maximum possible discount on one item. Some stores that both issue store coupons and allow you to use manufacturer coupons include: Kroger, Ride Aid, Safeway, Target and Walgreens. Just remember that you unfortunately can NOT use two manufacturer coupons on one item.

Doubling Coupons

You might have seen on a couple of the episodes of Extreme Couponing where stores will honor your coupons as double or twice the amount of the original worth. An example of this is when you have a coupon for $1.00 off an item, if the store doubles coupons, they will accept the coupon as $2.00 off the item. When you locate a store that accepts doubling coupons or having a double your coupon promotion, make sure you visit that store. Doubling is a great way to help you save money.

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Happy Savings!

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