How To Guarantee You Get Your Newspaper Coupons

Have you ever gone around collecting Sunday newspapers just to find out that they’re missing the one thing you wanted from them: the Sunday coupon inserts. We at Reward it have repeated time and time again how import these inserts are to increase your savings. Before we get into a few tips on how to guarantee your newspaper has your coupons, make sure to remind yourself on how import Sunday newspaper truly are  by reading my previous article and this article on clipping coupons.

Newspaper CouponsFinding Newspaper Coupons

Everyone has heard of the big newspaper companies such as: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, etc., but not everyone has heard of the smaller newspaper companies like the Pittsburgh Post Gazette or Newsday. So if you find yourself collecting coupons from one of these smaller companies make sure to find out their insert policy: always, limited or never carry inserts. Sometimes in areas that receive inserts in their weekly mail included with store advertisements, the newspapers of those areas will not include inserts.

If you haven’t subscribed to a newspaper yet, you really should. You can find discounted subscriptions here, but before you do subscribe we recommend that you call the company to question about which coupon inserts they provide. If they do not provide all Proctor & Gamble, RedPlum, or Smart Source, some companies will actually give refunds or go as far as to provide you with the coupons.

Many different companies only have a limited amount of coupon inserts and advertisement circulars accessible. This means that not every copy of their paper will contain these inserts. Most of these companies make their first priority the home deliveries, then stores and newsstands. If you purchase your Sunday newspaper from the store, try to find a store where you can check to see if the coupon inserts are located in the newspaper before buying.

 Preview Sunday Newspaper Coupons

A great way to take a look at what to expect in the upcoming week is to visit the site Sunday Coupon Preview. With this site you can preview coupons for Smart Source, RedPlum and P&G, you can even subscribe with your email to have the latest updates sent directly to you.

Don’t expect many if any coupon inserts on most national holidays. During the weeks of New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas many newspapers will not offer inserts, but be sure to look out in the weeks before for all holiday specials and coupons.

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