Where to Find the Best Coupons Offline and Online

Everybody loves saving money, whether it is from a good sale or just a buy one get one free offer, but not everyone loves taking the time to help you save money. Many ‘extreme couponers’ take hours on hours to find, sort and organize their coupons before even stepping foot inside the supermarket.  For those of us who unfortunately don’t have the amount of time or dedication that these ‘extreme couponers’ have, I wanted to give a few of my quick, easy and simple tips on where to find the best coupons online and offline.


Finding The Best Offline Coupons

In today’s world many people have forgotten all about the paper era. We don’t even look at the offers we receive in the mail; it has become second nature to throw away these advertisements considering them junk mail. I know what you’re probably thinking most of it is junk mail, yes absolutely true, but sometimes you can find a hidden gem; so next time take a glance at them.

The best place to find valuable coupons offline is definitely in your local Sunday newspaper. And the best kept secret about these coupons in the Sunday paper is that if you are able to get your hands on a couple copies and collect multiples of the coupons. The reason why is because when you are able to get these coupons you can buy multiples of the items at prices as low as the floor, so why not save them. You should be able to get your local newspaper on the weekends for under $4.00.

Finding The Best Online Coupons

As for the easiest way to get these amazing coupons online you definitely have to search the web. My own personal favorite sites include: coupondivas.com and thecrazycouponlady.com. The most positive aspects of these online coupons is that it is safe and easy to download and print out. Everyone just has to be careful sharing these coupons because it is illegal to simply make a photocopy of a coupon and try to use it.

Don’t Forget Holiday Coupons

Be sure to check for many great deals this Memorial Day Weekend! During holidays many stores give great deals helping you save money. Obviously the biggest being the Black Friday deals, but also keep an eye out for holidays like the 4Th of July coupons and savings.

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