How Extreme Couponing Works [Infographic]

You’ve heard about extreme couponing, and maybe have seen the TV show about it.  Have you ever wondered how extreme couponing really works?  It’s actually pretty amazing the savings you can get by extreme couponing.  Learn how to save big and stock up with this infographic that explains it all!


Extreme Couponing

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  1. Marta Hagler says:


  2. for me I love the meat at Piggly Wiggly- but their prices on other things are higher- Aldis has great prices but quality is hit and miss- so the store I shop at most is Pick n Save.

  3. I like Metro for their expired produce trolley because it is convenient to drop in there when I am out, it is near home.

  4. My Favorite supermarket is Freshco…..but I am not hip with all of them..

  5. my favorite store is loglis because they double coupons. now sometimes they triple them.

  6. Matt Fite says:

    I like to shop at the local market! Support small local business!

  7. Barb Menaldino says:

    King Soopers (Kroger) is where we shop the most often. :)

  8. Kimberly Gilford Adams says:


  9. I love my Topps…they double coupons up to 99 cents.

  10. My fave store is Kroger, but we don't have them here on the west coast:(

  11. My favorite store is Food Lion.

  12. Mine is definitely my local Rainbow in MN. They have frequent sales, and double 5 coupons every week (provided you spend $25 shelf price, not sale price), though lately they've doubled twice a week. Sometimes they even have a double double day, when you can double 10 coupons.

  13. Sandra Jo Minor says:

    WallyWorld aka Walmart. Best prices in town!

  14. waldbaums

  15. I love Trader Joe's! :D

  16. My favorite supermarket is WINCO; great prices and many bulk items.

  17. Tandy Bee says:

    Aldi's because it's affordable and where else can you feel like you're entering an amusement park putting a quarter into the shopping cart!

  18. Dominick Drenzyk says:

    Whole Foods is the best.

  19. Linda Kubala says:

    My favorite place is wal mart and with kroger a close second.

  20. Koupon Kat says:

    I like shopping Meijer for groceries.

  21. My favorite is walmart.

  22. My favorite is Hannaford.

  23. my favourite supermarket is PAK N SAVE! you pack your bag and u save! check it

  24. my fav store is walmart as well they usually have the best prices and the other for me is super c.

  25. nice info comes in handy when trying to be frugal.

  26. Sheridan Happi Jess says:

    I like Fry's.

  27. Kymi Adams says:

    My go to store is Walmart they are the bombdiggty! They have everything I need at low prices and even some things not on the list too, that I must have! lol

  28. Susan Fisher says:

    My favorite Supermarket is No Frills. Great unbelievable prices!

  29. My favorite is Food Lion they are close and a local store. Ther are friendly and happy to take coupons.

  30. I like The fresh market. They have organic and healthy foods there. I love it.

  31. HEB

  32. Karen Casey Oliva says:


  33. Kirk Scott says:

    My favorite grocery store is Giant.

  34. I like a local chain called Country Grocer.

  35. I'm kinda cheap so I like Super Target.

  36. My favorite supermarket is Target :)

  37. Kroger is my favorite store. While I'm not happy that they stopped giving double coupons, they are close and more often than not they have the best prices!

  38. Nora Sullivan says:

    Even though I hate to go there because of the crowds, walmart is my favorite because of the prices.

  39. Jess Jordan says:

    Walmart. I barely make more than minimum wage and every penny counts.

  40. Libby Stady says:

    Aldi's. Great deals.

  41. Michelle Marsh says:


  42. my favorite store to shop is Walmart.

  43. Publix

  44. Publix

  45. shop n save.

  46. favorite store is safeway.its just friendly and clean, unlike walmart.

  47. My favorite grocery store is Lowes Foods.

  48. Karen Littman says:

    My favorite supermarket is Kroger. They have the best produce and a good coupon policy.

  49. I like pyramid foods grocery in tulsa.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Pavilions/Vons/etc., for the Just for You deals.

  51. Wendi Maroon says:

    Remark Farms…their fresh veggies and fruit, in addition to their fresh prepared meals makes this little gem my go-to place for just about everything!

  52. stop & shop.

  53. stop & shop.

  54. Jill Hayes says:


  55. I like Wal-mart and Safeway.

  56. My favorite store is as always Walmart! The pricwes are lower than any other store and it is close to my apartment. connie d

  57. tops!

  58. Trader Joe's

  59. Charity Smith says:

    I love Food Lion.

  60. Trisha Blair says:

    Kroger is my favorite supermarket.

  61. My favorite Supermarket is the Sharp Shopper. They have great prices.

  62. My favorite supermarket is Big Y. The prices are high, but I like the high quality produce they have.

  63. Publix is great.

  64. Julie Wood says:

    My favorite is Walmart!

  65. Julie Wood says:

    My favorite is Walmart!

  66. My favorite store has to indeed be has to be Food4Less and Walmart. Low prices are great when a recession has hit, and what better way to save than go to your local Food4Less or Walmart. If I had a membership, I would shop also at Costco, a great place to buy in bulk!


  68. Albertsons because its the closest. LOL

  69. Kylie Carlson says:

    My favorite is Albertson's but there isn't one in my area so I do most of my shopping at Safeway.

  70. My favorite store is Publix. They have excellent customer service and there selection of fruits and vegetables is amazing.

  71. Carli Connors says:

    walmart is my favorite store…

  72. Favorite Supermarket is Giant Eagle.

  73. Samantha Eldridge says:

    My favourite is Target & Ultra Foods.

  74. hate Shaws but it is the only supermarket we have – buy some stuff at Walmart but we don't have a superwalmart here.

  75. Hale Slehan says:

    My favorite store is King Soopers.

  76. My favorite store for groceries is Aldi. Low prices, good products. What they don't have, I usually get at Walmart.

  77. Janet Janet says:

    Safeway is my favorite supermarket.

  78. my favorite supermarket is shoprite.

  79. Danielle Williams says:

    My favorite Grocery store is Frys! LOVE them always friendly people :)

  80. I use Winn Dixie for buy one get one meats. I use Walmart for everything else.

  81. My family and I usually shop at Woodman's-They have the best organic and natural food section! :)

  82. Publix! They have awesome bogo deals with coupons! I miss shopping there and eating there :(

  83. My favorite supermarket is Cub Foods (SuperValu) in MN. They do not double coupons, but they let you use coupons for up to 3 months after the EXPIRATION date (which we all know is when the product normally goes on sale) :-)

  84. Jennifer Dysart says:

    My fave supermarket is Wegmans!

  85. Jamie Chance Hodges says:

    I have to go with Walmart. Primarily because you can get the same exact items as elsewhere, but cheaper.

  86. Safeway keeps getting better.

  87. love any store with deals that make my shopping prices worth while.

  88. my favorite is shop n save.

  89. I love aldi b/c I don't need coupons!

  90. Bridget Emery says:

    My favorite grocery store is Ralph's.

  91. Cara Schneider says:

    My fav supermarket is Stop and Shop :D

  92. Walmart b/c their prices are always so much lower than everyone else. But I do like Kroger for the Mega Sales and will only buy Shop N Save meat.

  93. Hannaford and IGA are my favorites.

  94. My face supermarket is Walmart! They have a McDonalds so my little guys stay happy eating while I shop… have to go during the day when it's not a zoo tho, customer to cashier ratio at night is terrible! :D

  95. Tonya Chidley says:

    its a toss up for me between Walmart and the superstore, both have reasonable prices.
    and selection

  96. my favorite store is Cub Foods.

  97. fresh pride chincoteague… small store, employs locals, very friendly. excellent customer service and always go the extra mile to help!

  98. My favorite store is Krogers. Love their 10 for $10 sales!

  99. I like Superstore and Save-on-Foods.

  100. WALMART

  101. Favorite Market is Shoprite.

  102. Audrey Merrill Golden says:

    My favorite grocery store is Lowe's.

  103. I like Kroger.

  104. Patty Evans says:

    For couponing you can't beat the deals at Publix.

  105. Tara Jeanne Vallee says:

    Stop and Shop! NYs cheapest grocery store and a huge selection.

  106. Econofoods in Clintonville is my favorite because they do have great specials and everyone there is fantastic! They also have a super deli. I do use Walmart but you do have to check because sometimes they are higher than other stores and I do not like the way they treat their employees.

  107. Kroger.

  108. Shop Rite

  109. Tom McMahon says:

    Stop and Shop.

  110. My favorite is Krogers because they always have cereal on sale and we go through cereal like water.

  111. Tamara Budd says:

    My favorite store is Costco. What we don't get there we normally get at Walmart.

  112. My Fav is walmart cause they have great prices and take printed coupons.

  113. I love our Whole Food.

  114. Ryan K. Conklin says:

    I like to do my regular shopping at Walmart, it's my favorite.

  115. Anonymous says:

    my favorite store is Walmart. It is closedto my house and I can find almost everything I need over there.

  116. Crystal Maxham says:

    Price chopper!

  117. My favorite store is Costco! They have everything you need. And… they have lots of samples!

  118. Safeway

  119. Alan Tong says:

    Sam's Club. Thanks!

  120. Walmart is my favorite! I love being able to get every single thing I need in one place!

  121. Michelle Alleman says:

    MY fave store is Redner's Warehouse Markets… They have great prices and no card needed!

  122. Patricia Lamb says:

    My favorite store is WalMart. Go there all the time.

  123. My Favorite store is Walmart you can get a litte of everything there!

  124. Catherine Ocenosek says:

    Piggly Wiggly , Kenosha, Wi.

  125. Safeway

  126. My favoriter grocery store is Frys.

  127. My favorite supermarket is Lowes Foods :)

  128. Angela Wisniewski says:

    My favorite is Aldi, but when using coupons it would be Walmart.

  129. Karla Sailer Hamann says:

    Mine is Kroger, double coupons store card, I can save the most here! Love it!

  130. My favorite is Hannaford!

  131. Linda Kwolek says:

    Meijer's is my favorite market.

  132. Jessica Collins says:

    My favorite supermarket is Wal-Mart supercenter! They always have low prices and they price match with other stores!

  133. Carla Coe says:

    My favorite super market is Kroger.

  134. Kathy Stein says:

    favorite supermarket is Meijer…

  135. My favorite supermarket is Pathmark.

  136. Dinah Power says:

    whom ever has the best deals.

  137. My favorite supermarket is Trader Joes.

  138. My favorite store is Kroger.

  139. pathmark is the store to go to!

  140. Nataly Carbonell says:

    My favorite is Walmart! Always savings

  141. Fave supermarket is Krogers.

  142. Catherine Kelly says:

    My favourite store is Freshco for food items.

  143. My favorite is Superstore! Usually some decent in store sales on. :)

  144. WallMart

  145. Christy Self Crider says:

    While I love shopping at Walmart because it has everything and it's the cheapest, I love Publix for the great deals and Food Depot for the meat selection.

  146. my favorite grocery store is Giant.

  147. Anonymous says:

    We don't have many choices here in Savannah, but I would choose Krogers.

  148. Angela Dupree says:

    I have taken a real liking to food depot, food is lower then bigger stores and they have a pretty good selection of brands.

  149. Rebecca Oakleaf says:


  150. Anonymous says:

    piggly wiggly is my store.

  151. Favorite store is Walmart. They price match all the other stores!

  152. Lisa Green says:

    My favorite supermarket is Walmart Supercenters bacause they really have the best prices on everything you will ever need.

  153. Jany Fry says:


  154. Mattisa Moorer says:

    Need all the tips I can get…thanks!

  155. Christine Smith says:

    My favorite store is Aldi's. I can get great groceries at reasonable prices. I love the protein bars and fresh fruit!

  156. Chuck Bolster says:

    its walmart

  157. Hailey Jean Briere says:

    My fav is Metro, Great Organic Selection.

  158. Erin Cash says:

    For produce Farmer's Foods. For everything else Walmart!

  159. Anonymous says:

    I like Woodmans..such a big selection..I can always find what I'm looking for.

  160. Kroger, although they've really curtailed the ability to stack coupons.

  161. Publix

  162. HEB

  163. Kim Henrichs says:

    Wal-Mart definitely

  164. My favorite supermarket would have to be Aldi, simply because they have the most phenomenal fresh produce at such a low cost!

  165. Target is my favorite.

  166. Lauren Peterson says:

    My favorite is Harris Teeter.

  167. Walmart would me my fav…everything u need in one store

  168. Jesse Gonzalez says:

    Trader Joes

  169. Kroger of course!

  170. Kroger of course!

  171. Bianca Roman says:

    I absolutely LOVE Publix! They always have B1G1s, they accept local competitor's coupons and they have their own in store coupons and accept manufacturer coupons. Oh and they're oh so nice!

  172. publix is my favorite to grocery shop.

  173. My favorite stores are Stater Bros and Ralphs.

  174. I would have to say thaat Aldi's is the best for pricing, however Walmart has the best selection, and still good prices.

  175. FreshCo can't be beat – they will price match ANY product on sale with "proof of price"/competitor's ad presented. And the staff at my local store in Hamilton(on Barton @ Strathearne) are so friendly and accommodating.

  176. Michelle Washburn says:

    Pick and Save.

  177. Cheryl Free says:

    My favorite supermarket is Kroger.

  178. Amy Richard says:

    I like shopping at Metro because I find they have cheaper prices then other places a lot of the time… or Walmart, for obvious reasons!

  179. Supercrew target.

  180. No Frills all the way!

  181. My favourite supermarket is Costco Wholesale Canada! One stop shopping for everything!

  182. my favorite store is Sam's.

  183. I love Walmart! Definitely my favorite!!!

  184. My favorite supermarket is HEB Plus!

  185. my favorite super market is Safeway.

  186. I love ShopRite…coupon friendly and are always running catalina deals!

  187. My favorite store is Aldis.

  188. Sara Kohlmeier says:

    My favorite grocery store is Walmart Supercenter.

  189. My fave is Safeway.

  190. marche d'alimentation prefere est IGA.

  191. Ross Cox says:

    My favorite supermarket is The walmart supercenters. Always great prices.

  192. Trader Joe's

  193. Anne Mostella says:

    Food Lion

  194. My favorite store is Walamrt you really cant beat their prices, I use alot of coupons and a do watch ads from our local store Kens.

  195. maxi!

  196. Publix

  197. Steve Cohen says:


  198. Craig Brown says:


  199. Alyson Levchuk says:

    I have to go with No Frills for the best prices. I go to Commisso's for the fancy treats every now and then though.

  200. We have a local market called Wholesome Choice and the have the best prices on produce.

  201. Randalls

  202. I use alot of coupons and watch sales at my local store..Kens…but Walmart has the best prices most of the time so would say…Walmart.

  203. My favorite store is Kroger.

  204. My favorite Supermarket is Safeway and Trader Joes!

  205. Thad Piotrowski says:

    Wal-Mart Supercenter

  206. Joyce Bogoian says:


  207. Debbie Fitcher says:

    Price Choppers


  209. Candice Montgomery says:

    Ralph's and Trader Joe's.

  210. Birgit Lehner says:


  211. I love traders joe and raleys.

  212. Safeway

  213. my favorite store is HEB.