Extreme Couponing: The Hidden Secret of Clearance

Some people may look at us extreme couponers differently, but it’s only because they do not understand how to save money by purchasing earlier than you need while its cheap or free! Extreme couponing is all about escaping the full price for everyday necessities by purchasing  items even when you don’t need them right away.

Where people make their biggest mistake is only using their couponing talents towards groceries and household items. One of the most underrated aspects of extreme couponing is using your coupons on more than just food and items for around the house.

Clearance SaleChildren’s Clothing Discounts and Clearance

A great item to take advantage of is children’s clothing. One of the most economical things you can do is create a stockpile of clothing for your children at the end of each season when the clearance racks come out. Depending on the age and size of your child buy a size or two up. Don’t be shy to even check out a thrift store or garage sale. Two great stores that normally offer great clearance deals are: The Gap and Old Navy.

 Stock Up After Christmas

Another way to take advantage of the clearance rack is after Christmas — most stores will place all of their toys and other holiday items on clearance. Stock up for various birthday gifts for your family and children’s friends.

Back To School – Next Year

And avoid the Back to School madness! Every September we fight through the horrible crowds at our local supplies stores.  Now, you will no longer have to worry about those crowds again! Right after the Back to School season,  stores like Target will place their school, home, office and crafts supplies on clearance.   Stock up for next year now, while everything is on sale.

Look out for future articles on how to become an extreme couponer.  And keep checking back for the launch of RewardIt coupons, where you’ll be able to save and earn reward points at the same time!

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  1. I am always ready for a discount. Love coupons I will take any and all to save money. I you know of any way I can get great coupons send them to me.