How To Get Extra Sunday Newspaper Coupons

Getting the Sunday newspaper is so essential to extreme couponing. As I previously mentioned in my article about finding the best coupons,  the best place to find valuable coupons offline is in the Sunday newspaper. To maximize your savings, you should try to get your hands on several copies of the Sunday newspaper coupon section.  As an extreme couponer, you aren’t going to sit back and just pay the full amount for multiple copies of the Sunday newspaper though, right!? I didn’t think so.  Here are different ways you can get those extra copies of the newspaper a little bit cheaper.

Sunday Newspaper Coupons$1 Sunday Newspaper Coupons

Many dollar store retailers offer the local Sunday Newspapers for only a dollar. Before you purchase any extra copies from the dollar store though, be sure to double check to make sure they contain the coupon inserts, as some newspapers only have a limited number of inserts and make the home delivery papers their priority.

If you are feeling extra ambitious and to eager to wait until Sunday for your coupon inserts, try to get the early or advanced edition of the paper. Many newspaper companies actually deliver an early Sunday edition on Saturday and offer it at a weekday rate.

To be a true extreme couponer, you could also check your neighbors’ trash for their discarded coupons.  While many of us might feel embarrassed by this, those looking to maximize their savings aren’t shy.  Also, don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family members for their Sunday inserts.

By doubling or tripling up on coupons, you can get the most savings when you shop.  Make sure to check your local stores’ coupon policy.  And if you really want to load up on coupons, of course you’ll soon be able to print out coupons right  here at RewardIt.  We’ll be offering coupons for everything you need, and you’ll also get Reward$ reward points every time you redeem them!

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