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Oh, Spot. You’re always there when we need you. You fetch our newspapers, greet us at the door, and guard the house while we’re away… but you’re also eating us out of house and home. When on earth did dog food become as expensive as people food? There’s gotta be some way to save on Spot’s dog food and have him eat healthy too, right?

Dog Food Coupons

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Stop worrying over pet food costs, fellow couponers:  dog food coupons are here to help you keep both your dog and your bank account feeling full.

Saving Money on Spot’s Supper

You love your puppy more than anything, but you’re not willing to blow your entire grocery budget on dog food. Believe it or not, the pet care industry offers just as many coupons as the “people care” industries, and since Fido’s needs are pretty simple, there’s no need to spend as much time coupon clipping.

There are some things you need to know before you start coupon-clipping for man’s best friend. Let’s dispense some common myths about dogs and their food:

Myth #1: My Dog Only Likes One Kind of Dog Food

Who told you that? Think of it this way: how would you like to eat the same meal, every day, for the rest of your life? Dogs descend from animals who used to hunt in the wild; they like variety just as much as you do. Unless your dog is a severely picky eater, your dog will appreciate the mix-up. Instead of buying the same dog food week after week, feel free to smix it up with whatever’s on sale… as long as you follow the tips for switching dog foods in Myth #2.

Myth #2: My Dog’s Digestive System Can’t Handle Switching Foods

Well, this one is partially true. Your dog’s digestive system doesn’t like quick changes from one mealtime mainstay to another. The key is to switch gradually - mix in the new food to your dog’s old food a little at a time. On the first day, mix in a few kibbles; the next day, add in a little more. After a few more days, your dog will easily transition into the new food.

Myth #3: Dog Food is Dog Food, Right?

Actually, each brand contains different ingredients and some brands are certainly better than others. Though it’s tempting to buy whatever brand is lowest price, check out the ingredient list and make sure the first few ingredients are actual foods you recognize (not “chicken byproducts”, grain or an unpronouncable chemical compound)! No sale or discount is worth jeopardizing your pet’s health, and there are plenty of other coupons for reputable dog food to choose from.

So, now that you are an informed dog parent, get out there and save. When we launch RewardIt, you’ll be able to get great pet and dog food coupons right here.  And you’ll also earn Reward$ reward points every time you redeem one of our great coupons!  In the meantime, check out some of these deals:

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