A Deep Look at TLC’s “Extreme Couponing”

Grab a comfortable seat, a bowl of popcorn and maybe even a notepad because TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” will take you not only up and down the aisles with some of the best extreme couponers around, but also give you insights into all of the hard work and preparation that goes into it.


How “Extreme Couponing” Began

The idea behind TLC’s reality series was originally from an article from The Wall Street Journal in March of 2010. The article entitled “Hard Times Turn Coupon Clipping Into the Newest Extreme Sport” even inspired ABC to air a segment on their popular show Nightline. The segment aired almost three weeks after the original article came out and showed how with far $50 can go with coupons.


TLC aired the first episode of Extreme Couponing on December 29th, 2010. The show takes its viewers through the extensive efforts of using coupons to save money while purchasing insane amounts of groceries and toiletries. The extreme couponers on this show are not only dedicated to coupons, but it’s literally what they breathe, sleep and think about.  They take the word dedication to the next level.

A Look Into “Extreme Couponing”

The stockpiles are amazing, they honestly look like mini grocery stores.  Some of it just looks absolutely ridiculous; no one in their right mind should be purchasing over 50 bottles of mustard. I have heard of people donating much of their stockpile to local churches and communities that need the help, which I find an incredible reason to do this, but some of the people on the show go a little to far.

It’s very interesting to see everyone’s different strategy and method on how to extreme coupon. We actually have our own tips here at RewardIt on how to extreme coupon also! I would definitely recommend sitting down and watching this show, it gives you a true insight on how difficult and time consuming extreme couping really is.

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