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  2. Dorene Frey Kranik says:

    Queso dip.

  3. Nicole Coxon says:

    Queso Dip and drinks of course I don't get out much with four little ones so its always nice to have a few drinks once in a great while lol.

  4. Janet Janet says:

    Free chips!

  5. Enjoy everything they have.

  6. potato skins!

  7. My favorite item at Chili's are the Chips & Salsa. I order them almost every time I eat there.

  8. margaritas

  9. chips and queso :)

  10. I've only ever been to Chili's once in my life, and I was ten at the time. I really don't know what my favorite would be.

  11. Mattisa Moorer says:

    Tropical Sunrise is a favorite, along with Southwest egg rolls.

  12. Cheesy Queso and chips!

  13. Garlic mashed potatoes.

  14. FREE Chips & Queso!

  15. Erin M Collins says:

    I love their chips and salsa!

  16. Spinach dip, margarita chicken,

  17. Sheridan Happi Jess says:

    I love the appetizers.

  18. Jess Jordan says:

    Any of the burgers and LOTs of fries.

  19. Bacon Cheeseburger

  20. Andrea Perra Hadfield says:

    oh man I haven't been to Chili's in sooooo long. I so miss their Queso and chips.

  21. I really don't have a favorite item at Chili's. Everything is good!

  22. Jude Skocki Kelly says:

    I never ate at Chili's. there are none in my area. I hope someday to go to an area where I can try it :)

  23. Fajita and Margarita please.

  24. Mark Gilbert says:


  25. Mark Gilbert says:


  26. Jamie Chance Hodges says:

    Any of their salads…yummo.

  27. Carole Ingram says:

    My favorite item at Chili's is their Chips and Salsa. Yummy! :)

  28. Ben Jackson says:

    I love the Southern Smokehouse Bacon Burger :)

  29. Their Queso dip.

  30. Nachos

  31. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    chicken quesadillas!

  32. Julie Wood says:

    I just love the Southern Smokehouse Bacon Burger!

  33. Barbara Mayes says:

    The Queso Dip! Hands down!

  34. texas cheese fries.

  35. Fajitas!

  36. chips and chicken crispers.

  37. It would be anything as we do not have a Chili's/.

  38. Carol Buchman says:

    LOVE the Smoky Chipotle Chicken Fajitas!

  39. Christy Maurer says:

    The fajitas!

  40. Joanne P Quarz says:

    Chips and Queso.

  41. Love the cheesesteak sandwiches!

  42. Michelle Fuller says:

    love the chicken tenders with ranch dipping sauce.

  43. Love their ribs and the chips and avocado dip.

  44. There shrimp is pretty good.

  45. My favorite is the Quesadilla Explosion Salad. Luv it!

  46. chips and queso.

  47. My favorite is the Cheesesteak Sandwich.

  48. Hannah Beck says:

    The ribs!

  49. chicken taco

  50. Jackie Boorse says:

    Cajun chicken pasta no tomatoes or green onions…mmmm!!!

  51. I love their drink specials and the 2 for $20 deal they offer.

  52. my fav things to order at Chili's is the potato soup! YUM! thanks for the giveaway!

  53. QUESO!

  54. cheeseburger

  55. My favorite is Broccoli Cheese Soup.

  56. Never ate there, would be nice to try.

  57. Sharalyn Caughel says:

    any dessert!

  58. Chips and Guac –YUM!

  59. Mark Colacioppo says:

    I always love some shrimp. Nachos are good too.

  60. Never been to Chili's – there isn't one within 100 miles of here.

  61. We were there last week and I had an awesome grilled chicken dish. My husband is now hooked on Chili's so we will be going there often.

  62. I'm A Winner!

  63. Jennifer Dysart says:


  64. fajitas

  65. Queso dip.

  66. Joyce Bogoian says:

    I don't see any question to answer?

  67. I don't have a fave, we don't have one by us but their commercials make the food look nummy! Especially the chips and queso!

  68. Jenni Dubbs says:

    their breaded/fried chicken pieces are delicious!

  69. steak and broccoli for me!

  70. Anita Jones says:

    I've never been there yet.

  71. Chuck Bolster says:


  72. Lisa McCall says:

    chili queso and chips.

  73. I like the Fajita Trio.

  74. chips and queso.

  75. Kimberley Brown says:

    there chicken fajitas.

  76. Sandy Weinstein says:

    chicken fajitas

  77. The Queso Dip is the best!

  78. Potato skins!

  79. Johna N Mike says:

    Queso dip!

  80. Monterey Chicken :) YUUUUUMMMMMMMMYYYYY :)

  81. Trasina McGahey says:

    I LOVE their Garlic mashed potatoes!

  82. ribs

  83. I always get spinach dip for an appetizer and get a combo with frilled shrimp and a medium rare sirloin.

  84. Heather Harris says:

    the southwestern eggrolls…..mmmmm..yummy :)

  85. Candice Montgomery says:

    baby back ribs.

  86. Queso Dip is something my daughter and I get everytime!

  87. Christine M Tubbytelly says:

    appetizers are great.

  88. Jerrilynn Breitwish Atherton says:

    Shrimp tacos!

  89. Chris Shari Alligood says:

    My favorite thing is their Skillet Queso & their Chicken Tenders dipped in their chipolte Sauce.

  90. Michael Bryant says:

    Fajita's and ribs.

  91. Hands down the chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, corn and white gravy. Its like Santa Claus rode a unicorn into town and cooked dinner for Jesus.

  92. Kim Henrichs says:

    The southwest eggrolls!

  93. Love the Chicken Crispers.

  94. Beth Johnson Titus says:

    Chicken tenders with Ranch.

  95. Rebecca Oakleaf says:

    Chips and queso yum!

  96. Turkey Club at Lunch! Very Delicious!

  97. Shirley Turner says:

    My favorite thing at Chili's is the ribeye steak. Yummmmmmm

  98. Chicken tenders are great!

  99. Craig Brown says:

    I like their baby back ribs.

  100. never been there.

  101. Crispy Chicken Tacos!

  102. Queso dip is great.

  103. Fajitas!

  104. I do the triple dipper!

  105. fajitas

  106. Paul Folker says:


  107. Jennifer Folker says:

    steak fajitas

  108. I love the margaritas!

  109. Chicken Fajitas!

  110. Michelle Washburn says:

    Queso dip is for me!

  111. Amy Richard says:

    Love everything!

  112. I love chicken tenders with hot sauce.

  113. baby back ribs.

  114. Doug Garfinkel says:


  115. Colleen Boudreau says:

    Chips & Queso!

  116. Chips and Queso for sure!

  117. Andy Knox says:

    Burger and a beer.

  118. Lawrence Gross says:

    Free Chips and Queso! What's better than that?

  119. Nicholas Sagginario says:

    Chips and Queso go great right before eating a Turkey Boat!

  120. Italian!

  121. Nothing better than Sushi.

  122. I love Queso Dip!

  123. Potato skins!!!

  124. I love anything seafood…I can't cook it at home due to always so nice to eat.

  125. My favorite rest meal is chicken parm and baked ziti.

  126. Wendy Kroy says:


  127. Steak :)

  128. Steak :)

  129. Steak :)

  130. My favorite restaurant meal is Chicken Alfredo. Yummy!

  131. Toni Haffey says:

    Chili's chips and salsa and everything that follows+margaritas of course.

  132. Chillis Tgif olive

  133. Lasagna at Marsalas!

  134. Chicken quesadilla and mini burgers so awesome together!

  135. Trisha Blair says:

    I love mexican food! Yummy

  136. jane hanshaw Chili's love all mexican food.

  137. I love chef salad.


  139. Burritos!

  140. Stephanie Coran Teeple says:


  141. Chili's baby back ribs…(**).

  142. My fav food is Shashlik.

  143. Jeanette Hammond says:

    Favorite resturant – Chili's of course.