Checkout Checklist: Saving Time and Minds While Shopping

Have you ever walked up to the register, get half way through your checkout and realize you forgot a bunch of things you needed? I feel like this used to always happen to me until I started making a checkout checklist. The checkout checklist is a great way to prevent a mental breakdown and organize yourself so that you make sure to not forget anything.

clockBefore You Leave Your Home

To start your checklist make sure you plan ahead — your list isn’t something you create while shopping. Before you make the trip to the store write down all of the items you wish to buy along with their prices and quantities. If you intend on doing multiple transactions be sure to separate the transactions on your list for maximum organization.

Another step to make sure you to complete before you leave your house is to organize the coupons you intend on using.  Have them clipped and put them in an envelope or an empty sheet protector so that you don’t have to carry your full coupon binder around the supermarket. Always do a last minute check online at sites like RewardIt coupons for the latest coupons.  Once you get to the cash register you’ll easily be able to hand the cashier the appropriate coupons from your envelope or sheet protector.

Timing Is Key

One of the most stressful situations can be shopping while the store is busy.  Sometimes items are missing from the shelves and there could be long lines at the cash register. I personally dislike holding up a line while the store is busy also, so I specifically choose what time of the day I shop. The best times to shop are early in the morning, early afternoon, or late at night on weekdays.

Communication With The Cashier

Before you hand the cashier dozens of coupons, you should let them know what you are doing.  Check their policy ahead of time to see if you are allowed to conduct multiple transactions, in order to use  multiple coupons on the same items. Be sure to always say thank you and be friendly, as nobody will go the extra mile for a grouch.  Never be afraid to politely ask for the manager if there is a problem.

Carrying The Policy

Do it!  After jumping through all of the hoops to get the store’s coupon policy, there is no reason you shouldn’t carry it with you and refer to it. It can do all of the talking for you while you, stand there with your coupons, smiling and saving money.  Good luck using coupons!


Speak Your Mind



  1. What do you always forget to get when you go shopping? Let us know!

  2. Craig B. says:

    I always forget kitchen trash bags & salt.

  3. Pete Cosentino says:

    I always forget cookies!!

  4. Jennifer scott says:

    I always forget milk!

  5. I always forget anything in the freezer section… maybe because its the last place i hit in the store and Im eager to leave haha

  6. Desiree Strickland says:

    yes! I always forget milk!

  7. Lisa Grassetti says:

    I always forget to get some item for salads! It’s usually the chick peas or olives.

  8. Pamela Johnson says:

    Frozen Veggies and Hotdog/Hamb. buns

  9. Nancy Johnson says:

    Spices (I have been meaning to buy Lemon Pepper for over 3 months).

  10. BRENDA BOLTON says:

    I always forget what I went in for in the first place , because I get sidetracked by other things, like chips. But MILK is what I forget!!

  11. I always forget milk.

  12. Clayton Silva says:

    I forget the yogurt!

  13. I always forget to buy Power Bars for my husband.

  14. Kelly Elswick says:

    I always forget butter!

  15. I always forget Ketchup, Ive been meaning to get it for over a month. Yet I still dont have any

  16. Hands down – Milk.

  17. Abby B. says:

    Flour, sugar and butter!

  18. Ellen B says:

    bread – always walk right past it

  19. I always forget to buy cheese! I know it sounds a little weird.. but I love it as a study snack!

  20. Joe Vecere @joev001 says:

    always forget shaving cream and the can runs out when I need to shave the most:)

  21. bottled water

  22. T. MacKinnon says:

    Onions. Why can’t I remember the onions?

  23. Katherine B says:

    Trash Bags!

  24. i always forget to write down toilet paper because we always have a few on hand, but when we run out it’s one of the things I always forget about to write down.

  25. Jennifer Dysart says:

    I always forget the to put the one thing I mainly went to the store for on my list! Usually eggs!

  26. Always forget coffee for some reason!

  27. Cindy C. @cin_20 says:

    I always forget Paper towels!

  28. ziplock bags