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Break out the brooms and start sudsing up those buckets, folks, because it’s already past Spring Cleaning season!

The summer is already upon us and vacation time is here; it’s time to get our homes ready. From Windex to Clorox, tons of cleaning product manufacturers are breaking out specialty cleaning offers to help families wipe away the grit and grime that accumulated over the winter and rainy spring.

We RewardIt couponers know that gearing up to clean doesn’t have to clean out our bank accounts at the same time! Here are 5 money-saving tips for saving on cleaning products and services.

Clean For Less

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How to Save Money on Your Household Cleaning Budget

  1. Do quick cleanup maintainance once a day instead of once-a-week deep cleans. A little daily maintenance goes a long way! Wiping away that residual stove top grease after you cook will save you scrubbing later; rinsing pans after you use them will save your steel wool¬†and dish soap for another day. This type of daily cleaning maintenance won’t just save you time, it’ll save you money, too! Since you’re catching dirt, spills, and messes before they get worse, you won’t need to use those heavy-duty cleaning products – meaning you won’t have to buy them as often.
  2. Stock up on cleaning products when you catch a great sale. Cleaning products are easy to store and won’t go bad; why not stock up while they’re on sale?
  3. Look out for new cleaning product offers or free samples. When brands launch a new product, they know they’ll have to convince new users to try it out. These manufacturers often use coupons or freebies to convince users to try it out for the first time.
  4. Use reuseable cleaning products instead of disposable ones. Why use a paper towel to clean up a spill when towels will do? Why use disposable wipes or cleaning pads when a mop or a sponge will do the same job? Every time you throw away a paper towel or napkin, you’re throwing away a product that cost you¬†money… you’re literally throwing that money away. Save your hard-earned cash and switch to reusable products instead.


How do you save money on cleaning products and services? Share your tips and tricks with fellow readers in the comment section!

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