How To Truly Become a Coupon Expert

Now that you are familiar with the language of coupons and how to organize and find coupons, it’s time for you to prove yourself and become a true couponing expert. To get the most out of everything else you have accomplished and learned it is very important to learn your favorite stores’ coupon policies.  The store policy can affect your ability to maximize your discounts.

Coupon ExpertPicking The Supermarket

Before you start searching  for every store’s coupon policy, take a breath and slow down. It’s important to get familiar with only one store at a time, so why not start with your favorite or most frequently visited supermarket? Every store is a little different in their own way with their coupon policy, promotions and reward programs. Learn about one store first, then move on to others.

How to Learn About A Store’s Policy

This might seem difficult, but it actually isn’t. You may be able to find the store’s coupon and discount policy on the internet; otherwise you will need to call or visit the store. For many of your favorite supermarkets you can visit their official company website and search for their coupon policy. Try to get a written copy of the policy so you can keep it for future reference.  It’s never a bad idea to keep all of the policies you have collected and organize them in your coupon binder.

Keeping the Policies With You

For those of you who don’t bring your binders with you while you are shopping, plan ahead and pull out the appropriate store’s coupon policy to have with you while you shop.  You are ready for any situation or question that may occur. And remember what I said about having the official coupon policy straight from the company? Now, any disagreements with the cashier can easily be resolved.   You have the proof, therefore you will get the discount.

Create a Relationship With “The Man”

We all have situations when we need to speak with the manager or whoever is in charge.  If you are truly serious about couponing ,you should take the time to set up a meeting with the managers of your favorite store. In this meeting you should casually introduce yourself and ask about anything you should know about couponing at the store. They will appreciate the attempt to meet them and you will leave feeling more confident and ready for your next big trip.  Next time you have a problem, the manager will already know who you are and things should go much smoother.

Making It Rain Check!

A rain check is a piece of paper that you request from a store for when an on-sale item is out of stock, and enables you to buy that item at the sale price when it’s back in stock. But make sure you take a look at a couple of our tips on rain checks before you request one:

  • Every store has a different policy for rain checks, so make sure to inquire about them ahead of time.
  • Be careful to make certain the coupons you intend to use on the rain check item will not expire before the store restocks the item.
  • If an item is on clearance you usually cannot get a rain check for the item.
  • Be thoughtful by informing the cashier beforehand that you have a rain check.

Of course, the first step in successful couponing is finding great deals at sites such as SweepstakesListingsToday Coupons or The Krazy Coupon Lady  If you want to make the most of your discounts, establish a relationship with the store managers and make the cashier’s job as easy as possible.