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Larry Gross is a coupon expert eager to share his advice on saving money and how to become an extreme couponer. When Larry isn't writing about about couponing and sweepstakes, he enjoys traveling and exercising, as well as spending time with his family. Follow Larry on Twitter at @RewardingYou

How to Get More This Cyber Monday with RewardIt

With the biggest online shopping day of the year upon us, RewardIt can help you skip the hassle of searching each store for the best deals while earning R$ for amazing free rewards, like Amazon and Sears gift cards. If you are not familiar with the … [Read more...]

Save Money on Your 4th of July Cookout

237 years ago, our founding fathers signed The Declaration of Independence and declared their independence from Britain. America’s birthday is around the corner and she’ll be 237 years old this July 4th! It’s time to bust out those barbeques and fire … [Read more...]

Saving Money with Travel Size Items

The Art of Purchasing Travel Size vs. Full Size One of the most overlooked methods of couponing is using our treasured coupons on travel or trial size items. With travel and trial … [Read more...]

Shopping on the Last Day of a Sale Can Help You Save Money

If you are a follower of our blog you know that this is the complete opposite of what we normally tell you to do. While shopping on the first day of a sale helps ensure that you get the discounted products you desire, surprisingly there are … [Read more...]