About Penny Johnson

Penny Johnson enjoys dancing more than anything…except for finding great shopping deals. When she isn't learning the newest Lady Gaga dances, she is researching and writing about the best ways to save off and online.

Shop Around For Coupons Before Shopping – Finding Coupons Online Before Making Purchases

Nowadays, every penny saved is needed. With today's faulty economy, we can never be too careful with our money and how we spend it. Maybe you've heard about people who use coupons to save money. In reality, when done right, couponing can be a big … [Read more...]

How To Save Even More On School Clothes

Shoes, shirts, pants and more - are school clothes prices having a negative impact on your family’s budget? Rather than forking over your credit card for full price purchases, get smart with this year’s school clothes shopping. Follow these tips … [Read more...]

Retail Online Shopping Saves You Time And Gas

We're so over the mall. It's overrated. It's overcrowded. It's overpriced. And there may be eight full-size parking lots, but there are zero open parking spaces. The music is loud and the teenagers are louder. Your culinary options include … [Read more...]

5 Grocery Apps To Save Time And Money

Grocery shopping has gotten a lot easier with the introduction of free and low-cost mobile apps for use on today’s smart phones. Cost-conscious shoppers can download these apps and perform a whole host of grocery-shopping-related tasks, from meal … [Read more...]