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Lisa Gray loves sweepstakes and sharing how to find all the nooks and crannies on the Internet where the reside. When she isn't writing she loves to bake and play fetch with her cat.

How To Keep Your Car From Draining Your Bank Account

Having a car is a great convenience, but it can also cost you a lot of money to keep it going. To prevent your car from draining your bank account, learning about car maintenance is key. Knowing what to get done and when to do it can help minimize … [Read more...]

Buying Brand Name Foods For Less: Food and Drink Coupons

Ask any longtime grocery shopper if a brand name is better and they will probably tell you that in most cases it is. The problem with brand name products is that because they are higher quality, they often cost more. Faced with making a difficult … [Read more...]

Disappointment: I Just Missed Out On A Special Offer Coupon

Oh, no! I just missed out on an incredible special offer coupon - my family and I could've really used those savings!   It's something that's happened to even the most experience couponers... and it's a terrible feeling. Knowing you've … [Read more...]

Do More, See More While Spending Less with Online Coupons

Make Your Time Online Work For You By now it should be no surprise: paying to travel, buying groceries or clothing, or going out to eat is getting more and more expensive every day. The fact is that the economic slump has affected all of us. … [Read more...]