About Coupons Expiring in 7 Days

If you are an avid coupon user, you know how important it is to categorize and prioritize your coupons. When coupons are organized and categorized, you can be sure to utilize your coupons efficiently to save the greatest amount of money. However, you do need to be aware of one other important coupon aspect—coupons expiration dates.

When a coupon expires without being used, it’s like throwing money away. If the expiring coupon represents a large monetary value, you could be losing the opportunity to keep your budget in line. In addition, missing a coupon expiration date may make you miss the opportunity to purchase a big-ticket item for which you have been saving. There are several easy ways to make sure that you use all those coupons which you took the time to gather and organize.

Ways To Organize Your Coupons

There are many different ways to ensure that you keep up with coupon expiration dates, as well as keeping them organized. Some coupon clippers like to use a spreadsheet or other such program that allows data entry of important information such as savings and the expiration dates of coupons. Spreadsheets will also allow you to sort your coupons by category, as well. Then your coupons simply need to be placed in alphabetical order in a file of your choice to be used when needed.

Use a coupon organizer to sort your coupons by the dates on which they expire. You will be able to look through the coupons while you are creating your shopping list. Having the ones that will be expiring soon at the front of the organizer will help ensure that you won’t miss them.

Use an Electronic or Online System

Create an electronic system that will send you an alert or email on days when coupons are nearing their expiration dates. Simply clip your coupons, enter them into your alert system and then file as you choose. RewardIt.com has a section on its website that will let you enter coupons and their expiration dates as well as an entire section dedicated to coupons expiring in 7 days. RewardIt’s system will then alert you 7 days before the expiration date.

With just a little bit of attention, you will be sure to get all the savings from those coupons without having to worry about expiring coupons.