Coupon Glossary and Dictionary

Coupon Glossary

At the end of every textbook there is always a glossary that defines all of the terms that you just might be unsure about. So I was thinking with all of the confusing lingo and terms that extreme couponers use why not make a glossary of my own for … [Read more...]

The Hidden Key To Couponing: Timing


Once you’ve read my post on how to start organizing coupons you’re ready to take full advantage of your coupons and maximize your savings. The next step in the couponing process is all about the timing of using your coupons. You’ll see … [Read more...]

Are Rebates Worth It?


How many times have you found that rebate you meant to fill out, but never got around to it while doing your spring-cleaning. Many people don’t even understand the concept of what rebates are. So if you are one of those people who find themselves … [Read more...]

Memorial Day: The Start To Your Summer Couponing


Many people view Memorial Day Weekend as the start to the summer. There is warm weather, family barbeques and yes, savings! During this weekend of remembering and thanking all of the brave men and women who helped protect this amazing country of … [Read more...]